Friday, January 13, 2017

First 10 days of commitment

So, this was the first 10 days of commitment to myself on somethings which I decided. Well, it went good I would say.

- Finished all my runs in the last 10 days
- Joined a Gym for weight training and strengthening and been religious with that
- No refined sugar consumed (not even in candies and cakes)
- No alcohol (skipped some social gatherings only to avoid alcohol)

Yeah, the point 2 is correct. I finally joined a Gym, the reason for the same

1. Have nothing better to do apart from work with A and C not being here
2. Have to start working on my upper body strength so that I can carry the pace for a longer duration

Point 1 in the decisions above is also an achievement with the temperatures in this part of the country dropping to 5 degrees at 6 am. I would say that I am doing decently well

Now, the biggest challenge would be staying injury free. Will keep updating here

Oh Yes! All my dear running buddies, have an awesome time running the SCMM this weekend! Go out there and kick some fine dust!!

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

First interval training for the year

So, yesterday I was supposed to do 5 x 1000mts repeats. The last time I used to do some kick ass 1000 mts repeats, my pace used to hover around 4:50 min /km. I was able to manage each of the intervals yesterday at an average pace of 5:15-5:19 min/km. It is a humbling feeling, how soon you need to start all over again!!!

Woke up late today and hence wasn't able to do the core exercises. I guess it is in the evening now, core exercises and Netflix!

Anyways, my pace today reminded me of this old advertisement starring Paula Radcliffe :)

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Hello 2017!

Its been quite sometime since I blogged here. Yeah, I am also aware that lately all my posts get started with the same rant. 2016 was a very eventful year for me, staying away from my family, shuffling between Bangalore and Delhi has made me realize a lot of new things. Some things as trivial as the airports flaws, and some things more deep, but lets not talk about them here

Like always most of my post might hover around running. 2016 has been a pathetic year for running for me. I have started thinking of myself as "Once a runner", this was mostly because of the fact that work took most of my time. Whatever time I got apart from work, I used it as a luxury to spend time with my wife A and the sunlight of my life C (my daughter). Whatever experiments I have been trying with my life lately, wouldn't have been possible without the sacrifices of A and C.

Gained some weight as well in the last one year, to be specific I gained around 2.5 Kgs. This is mostly due to irregular lifestyle, irregular sleeping habits. Food was mostly sane. Having said that, I am all the more determined to change that starting today, its a new beginning.  I need to burn the same fire inside me which was there in 2010, when I trained really hard and ended up running ~2800 KM in training that year. Not that running a lot of distance is any proof of good pace, but at least it is a proof of the commitment and discipline

I am also thankful that I am surrounded by some very good friends here in Gurgaon, who keep my mind busy in a lot of things, that way I miss A and C a bit less on some days. These guys are my family in Gurgaon. Thanks A, D, T, M. Love you guys a lot! However there hasn't been a single day in Gurgaon when I haven't missed A and C

I have signed up with a coach in November and has been trying to get back to serious training. So far things have worked out ok, but I do end up missing 1-2 runs every week. This is the part that needs to get changed now. I have revived the desire to run Comrades, when will I do that, that needs to be decided. There is plenty of time for that. But this is the year that I want to utilize in making a comeback as a runner, as an amateur athlete that I once was.

Also, would keep this page more live with updates from my end. Be it running or non running

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Bike to work and beating the Monday morning blues

Ever since I have resumed biking to work, I feel more excited in the mornings and look forward to my ride. There is always something exciting happening on the roads, even if the exciting thing is the wind in the hair.

So my work place is 30 km one way, to start, I am biking 2 days a week. Which makes it 120 km week on the saddle. The first couple of weeks were kind of tough with the bums ending up sore in the evenings. But now, it seems that the body has gotten used to biking pretty well again. No sore muscles at all.

The only side effect of biking is, the day I am biking to work, I feel hungry all the day. So I have to watch carefully what I am stuffing in my mouth, basically stay away from junk and eat more clean food.

For Bangalore, the other big problem is the rain. Well atleast I love riding in the rain, but the problem is the laptop. So one has to figure out a way to save these electronic gadgets from rain and water. For me, I leave my laptop at work the day I am biking

Most important piece of advice: NEVER use an earphone while riding a bike. Your ears are your rear view mirrors, DO NOT block them

To many more stories here! Stay safe, bike hard!

Get a bike, Break free!

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Musings of a Lucknowi food lover

- Biryani = Gosht Biryani
- There is no Biryani called the Veg Biryani, it is called a Pulav
- Chicken Biryani doesn't qualify for a Biryani

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Humanity is dead

132 Children died yesterday. Humanity died yesterday. I am still shocked and sick, a place to impart education has been turned into a graveyard.

May god give strength to all the Peshavar families. As a parent, as a father I can understand what all those 132 families are going through. Life will move on, but some part of us dies there yesterday.

To all those people claiming that Pakistan shelters terrorists and hence this happened, TRAGEDY IS NOT A COMPETITION. Something which is wrong, is wrong in any part of the world.

May the little souls rest in peace

कल कुछ बस्ते घर से निकले पर वापिस कभी न पहुंचे
आज ऊपर वाला हंस  रहा होगा, इंसान इस कदर खून का प्यास हो गया की अपनी ही औलाद का खून कर रहा है